Tuesday, November 11, 2008


OMG, I just watched the movie Changeling and it was awesome. Although it dragged on a bit I enjoyed watching because I was captivated by the 1920's fashion lol! Most times, I like to educate myself a bit of each fashion era by doing some research. So some things I found out that were interesting was the fact that 1920's was the decade when it entered the modern era. It was the time when women first liberated themselves and when men began to wear sport clothings. It was also the time when women won the right to vote and began to enter the work force. So as clothing changed, society did also. Bob cuts were in as well which you can see in these pictures.

This was one of my favorites. I think I would not be able to pull it off however, because I think it looks better on someone much thin or slender looking.

I liked her sweater here, reminds me of the boyfriend fashion right now. I would never wear such shoes however. But to love style is to appreciate all genres of fashion, right?! I like how comfortable of a clothing it looks and the carefree sense it gives. Do you agree?

This amazed me because I guess this is what they wore to sleep back then. Ahhh the silk, gotta love it.

I just like the glamour she has here. Smoky subtle eyeshadow with off-red lipstick along with the cloche hats. These waves were called the finger waves which went with bob cuts very well.

So gorgeous isn't she?

sources from wikipedia.org
images taken from the web

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cheesecake Factory Part II

Hello world :)
Okie dokie so here are pictures of my family's dinner back at Cheesecake Factory! Haha. The food photos I took on my previous dinner appealed to my my mom so much she wanted to try it out! It was also her birthday celebration, so glory to God for another blessed year for her. So it was a cold night (as usual) in frisco so I wanted to be girly but definitely warm at the same time.


This is mi mama y papa :). Aren't they adorable. I ♥ em sooo much. Do you see my mom's booties? I have the EXACT same kind lol. We can't share cuz her feet is bigger haha


This is my one & only brother whom I also ♥ soooo much. Isn't he good looking haha. He is super talented with music. He can play most instruments but he's best at drumming.


I had to take a pic with my mom of course which didn't turn out so well, haha thanks to my brother's poor photography skills :-p


A view in SF while walking to the restaurant.

I took this random picture b/c I thought it was cool. This lead to mini stairs that had a grass on every other step.


This is a view from the restaurant. I love the lights.

Just a few pics when we got our food. Sorry I didn't take food pictures this time :(.

This is my brother revealing he was double jointed. What's weird is that he can't do it to his other hand. Eeeks right!

Ok that's my blog for today. God bless folks. In case I don't blog this week again, have a greeeat fabulous week!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Web Surfing

Heyloo :)
While I was web surfing, I found a created set from polyvore that stood out. Look at the items. Aren't they fabulous. Such a cool set for this cold winter. That reminds me I need to get a pair of gloves!!!

Well I was a bit bored so I created my own! :)
I actually want these outfits lol. So I will be hunting for some items but for a bargained price of course! I love the shredded jeans. Don't you!?
Well that's all for my blog. Take care!

Monday, November 3, 2008

a bit of glam for the night

Heylo again :-)
Okay sooo before I get busy this week again. Here are just a few pictures I had with friends of mine from dinner on Saturday. I don't know if I have a picture of my whole outfit but I wore some black high-waist jeans with a ruffled checkered top and to hide my belly I wore a black belt over to keep my big belly in place (if you know what I mean) with a pair of cowboy boots.

Our dinner venue for the night :-)

Group Picture

another group pix before we get ur grub on haha

an "up close & personal" shot

one of my BFFs (since Middle school), she's a sweetheart

now our yummy delights:

-Chicken Madeira-

-Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken-

-Bistro Shrimp Pasta-

-Mango Rita's-
(which I DID NOT have any of)
but pretty isn't it? :-d

The car ride back home with my face in half :-d. Ends with many laughters for the night :).
So I did my make up for the night, I don't usually wear so much since I go for the more natural look, but every now & then you'll see me with make-up on for special occasions. I did my other BFFs make up who is wearing the creme top in the pics. Do you like it? I use to do make up and hair do's on my free time before and it was a great side job, but since I'm sooo focused on school now, I cannot make the commitment to do so :-(. Maybe in future blogs, I'll put vids on how to put certain make-ups? Sounds like a good idea right? It will make for a more interesting blog. My future plans are to pursue cosmetology and/or Fashion field. Exciting right? Well God willing and in time, hopefully.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my photos :) cuz I took 'em just for YOU bloggers. Promise.

-=My outfit from head to toe=-
1. checkered black and white ruffled top-[? -i forget :( ]
2. black high waist pants-[Marshalls-$16]
3. cowboy boots-[Macy's-$140]

brand name faded & i forgot :(

Laundry Days

So as usual SUNDAYS are laundry days. How sad right? Haha well it's practically the only decent day to do it with no rushing and no worries about other appointments and so forth. It was also church day but unfortunately I was not able to attend due to over sleeping =(.

I've been feeling bummy all week so my outfits have been a bit boring. I guess it's the weather too. It's been raining & gloomy like. However, I usually almost always wear black and/or blue anyways :-). But coincidently in the last 2 blogs I've been wearing black tights and a blue top Lol. Hey, well at least it's different tops right haha and different tights of course, otherwise that would be eww. You can't go wrong with many tights right!?

In the 1st picture, once again the "fist" pose lol, I guess "bad habits die hard" folks. In the 2nd pose, I felt like being silly, so my mom told me to raise my hands up high and what a cowinky dinky LOOK at the police car behind me with flashing lights too LOL!

I was walking while my mom took this 4th pic which appears VERY DARK. As you can see you can barely see my face haha. At least you can see a bit of my smile :-). Btw once again, I'm new to blogging, so please feel free to give suggestions. I need all the help I can get. Tips would be helpful.

And last but not least folks...introducing mi mama :-)
Isn't she cute? I LOVE HER. I get many laughs being with her always.
Again world, thanks for dropping in to my page. I will be posting up another blog in a bit from dinner I had with close friends of mines from Saturday. I just need the pictures! Well 'til then. Tata!

-=My outfit from head to toe=-
1. Navy Blue Sweater Dress w/ Mid scrunch-[Old Navy $5]
2. Black Furry Hooded Sweater-[Roxy-$18]

3. Black Tights-[H&M $6]
4. Black Suede boots-[Ross $9]

Brand: Steve Madden

Note: I haven't had much experience Thrift Shopping yet since I don't know any good thrift stores in my area =(. I've tried before but haven't had any luck so far. I am planning on going with my fashion soul sista this month, so we'll share our goodies with you then. If you happen to live around SF, please be kind to share some stores with me? For now, the closest thrift I got is, as you can see: ROSS :-d hehe.

Friday, October 31, 2008

"gave me more of a reason to celebrate"

Dear world,

Hola! =) I've been busy and will usually be quite busy with school so I will be blogging every now and then when I actually have free time lol. Blogging will be my relaxation! So what's new...hmmm well the weather has been like a roller coaster ride; warm & sunny one day then another day just foggy & raining. It's weird, but what to expect right? The weather in the bay area is unpredictable. But what can I say, I love the weather here because most of the time it's cold, meaning layers and more layers. =]

So Wednesday [on Oct. 29th], it was a gorgeous sunny day. It was also my grandma's birthday which made the day more of a reason to celebrate.

So my mom took this picture. As you can see the splendid weather I mentioned that day. The cloud's arrays were beautiful wasn't it? Btw, haha do not mind my poses, I'm camera shy, so this blogging will help me get use to it. Now why was I looking up? Haha well I guess I was reflecting on God's goodness, not just for another day but for blessing my grandma with another year. But God is good, all the time!

So we went to the Farmer's Market near school and wanted to show you guys the boots. But unfortunately, mumsie missed it Lol. Oh yea, let me add, I was not dressed for the weather =X so boy was I HOT & sweaty (eww right).

After Farmer's Market, we headed to eat out in celebration for my grandma's birthday. I seen these beautiful paintings behind me and I wanted my mom to take a pic, but sadly you can only see a glimpse of it =(. Maybe next time since we're usually in that area. So chyea my pose looks a bit awkard here don't you think lol. Look at the fist!? Yikes. So here's my boring outfit that day. Most of the time however, you will most likely see me wearing boots since I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots and can never have enough of them and might I add scarves as well. So you can pretty much predict what my accessories will be =). Well that's my blog for the night folks. Sorry if I bored ya!

-=My outfit from head to toe=-
1. red, gold bordered earrings-[H&M $3]
2. black scarf-[F21 $5]
3. navy blue top-[F21 $14]
4. metallic blue bag-[given as a gift]
5. black leggings-[marshalls $8]
6. creme suede boots-[payless $20]

Brand: Payless

Monday, October 27, 2008

Green with Envy, my FIRST blog :-)

Hello world! My name means pearl in Greek so I'll let you do the research. But Yeeepeee! My first blog folks! I'm uber excited! First I have to thank a friend of mine aka "Fashion Soul Sista" for getting me into this blog hype. You can get a taste of her as well @ www.fashionbehavior.blogspot.com. Her blogging rubbed off on me fast & quick I tell ya, which eventually brought me to this point! So welcome, welcome, welcome! :-)

Well like most of you fashion/trend bloggers, I have a passion for style as well! Having a blog will allow me to express my fashion excitement like many of you "already" established fashion bloggers out there. So thank you for sharing your tips, style, & ideas. After all "fashion bloggers are like SKITTLES, different flavors for different taste but put together make one bag full of sweetness." Delightful isn't it?!

This blogging journey will be so much fun! For me, this will serve as my embedded footprints for reflection in the future and see the array of styles (I hope) I have walked in, along with others of course.

before church
So that's "moi" above Lol, with my chubby cheeks. I'm in that mode of wanting to shed some extra lbs., so we'll see how THAT goes! haha. Sooo that was on a Sunday (going to church). It was just one of those days where I felt I had nothing to wear! You know that feeling!? When you feel you have no clothes to wear but you REALLY have a closet full of 'em?! I know it's weird right?! But yes that's how I felt =(. Fortunately, I was feeling green with envy =d Lol, so while looking through my accessories, I found my green striped leggings and zebra patterned scarf. I thought at first it wouldn't go well, so I decided to accent it with a touch of red in which I found my checkered short-sleeved blazer. As a result "voilĂ ", so there goes my outfit. The coordination actually went well beyond what I expected so that made me a happy camper for the day.

So after church, I had to do laundry. It got a bit cold so I changed into much warmer black leggings, knocked off my heels with some black flats, and changed my scarf =). So that's my blog for the day. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for visiting me!

after church

-=My outfit from head to toe=-
1. Scarfs: Green zebra patterned scarf-[H&M $8]
golden yellow-H&M $10]
2. Energy black dress-[Ross $7]
3. Red & Black checkered blazer-[Ross $8]
4. Green & Black striped leggings-[Forever21-$6]
5. Shoes: Black laced heeled shoe-[Ross $20]
Black flats-[i forgot!?]
6. Dooney & Bourke bag-[give by my mom=priceless]

Brand: Nicole

Brand: Wanted