Monday, January 19, 2009

the "UMPH"

Hello world,

So I will be back in school once again =] but I can't complain right? Each day is a blessing along with whatever comes in the way. So I've been lagging but here's a scoop on my hair...not much of a "dramatic" change lol but a change for the new sem...

I purposely changed the color setting for this one just so you could see more of the details. Excuse the messy things you see :P lol. I know it makes me look chunky (O'_'O)

top-charlotte russe [given as a gift], shorts-Lerner's NY-$6, camel boots-Old Navy, Tights-Banana Republic $7

I will keep posting this week. I promise to get in touch with ur blogs soon. Hopefully I don't keep anyone waiting too long.

God bless.

"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."-Psalm 118:24

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hello world,
So once in a while, like I mentioned before, I'll put some old oldie but goodie :-)! Hehe. I don't know if you feel me when I say this, but don't we all go through phases of style? I know I sure did and it either depended on the season...mood...or the situation. So fashion is like a roller coaster ride haha. I gave you a peek of the short hair I had before and it was symbolic to me. It gave me a sense of freedom, like in a way cutting my long hair before made me shed off some "old skin" or rather it helped me gain back my pride in who I was. I guess in a corny way it helped me bring "my sexy back" lol. With that said, I don't want to get emo on you guys haha but I'll be sure to post some of my short hair-do's and old outfits of my past.

For now, I just wanted to share this one jumper I wore on a beautiful day here not that each day is not a beautiful day, it's just that the bay area is always either foggy or cold :P. It's not the most unique...sort of plain but I enjoyed wearing it for that day lol. You could kind of guess where I was hittin' up some shopping that day hahaha.

grey top-$5.99 Ross, Black Jumper-F21 $18, Black bag-$19, Black booties-$9

So look what I find inside Marshalls:

A human sized Hershey bar lol! YIKES! I think it was like $30. Imagine eating that thing haha umm no thanks right. 5lbs of chocolate is wowage...I wonder how that settles in your tummy. Plus I wouldn't buy any edibles at stores with discounts...I mean if food is discounted...the only thing that would come to my mind is either 1. its old or 2. it's on sale for a reason haha.

So from left to right: Moi, my BFF/seester, & my Illo sis.

I love these girls...I didn't disclose to them that I'd include them publically on my blog, but hopefully they won't mind haha. I know hunchback me right? Eh I just need work on my posture.

Okay, I know I mentioned that I was getting a hair cut...and I did. I'll post my new do soon. Not so much of like a drastic change but a little more umph for my hair now :).

Okay ladies & gents. Tata. Ciao! Cheers! Lol no biyees because like Arnold "I'll be bak"

God bless folks.

God is good, all the time!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hello world,
Here is one of the treasures I found in the garage I mentioned in a previous blog. It's a shoulder padded navy blue blazer with circle prints and gold buttons. I wanted to wear it with a skirt and some heels but I was lazy to dress up since I've been feeling under the weather lately. So here's a peek of the print.

Here is a bag I found at Ross. It didn't have a brand but I found it "oh too cute" to pass it by. I got it for $12.00 :). So that puts a smile on my face.

So here's my outfit:

A very blurry and not so good edit but I got frustrated so I left it the way you see it lol.

blazer-finders keepers (lol), tank top-F21 $5.00, Jeans-Ross $9.99, Flats-Wanted $8.99

Here are a few random photos. My hair is a drag right now so I plan on getting a hair cut tomorrow. I need a new look for the season, so we'll see. I'm going to a wedding by the end of the month so I really plan on dieting tomorrow. I know I've said I'd go on a diet before lol, but I really need to this time b/c I got goals of not just fitting into a dress but feeling good in it. After all, there is a difference of looking good and feeling good in something you wear right. It goes hand in hand. Otherwise, I just need a can full of self esteem :P.

So I'll leave you with a smile to end this blog :-D. I'll be putting up some throwback photos this week so I hope you enjoy. I just want to show some of my fashion then and perhaps some clothes I miss that I still want to fit in now but can't lol. Tata!
God bless!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I forgot to greet everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!

An opportunity for everyone to renew some things, rekindle some things...a chance for change.

I hope the best for each you!

Self Portraits & Camera Fun

Hello world,

Again & again lol. I told you I'd be blogging while I get the chance to do so. So I had my auntie's cannon camera for a while and it allowed me to do some cool features on it that I wanted to share with you all. You can pick certain accents that you want the camera to show and swap colors as well. So for example like if I wanted my red here showing to be blue, I can turn it into blue as if it were a different outfit! Cool ain't it? Well I'm assuming that most of you are probably more technical advance than I am for sure haha. I just got exited so I took my own photo's this one day.

So this is a blazer vintage jacket that...believe it or not was found in my own house. There were people who rented before who left like 5 boxes in the garage. We had new renters coming in so my mom had to clean the garage and she decided to call goodwill to pick up ALL of the clothing. I came home and she had like 8 pieces of clothing that were left which I found a treasure to keep =). One of which is this jacket. I was so bummed when my mom told me she had the boxes picked up =(. Like totally bummed! I still wonder what other vintage treasures I would have found in there. Oh well, letting go of the pain now lol.

So I guess I'm not the best photographer shown here but you can't blame me for taking shots of myself lol. Afterwhile, I actually began to like and appreciate the ones I took. I guess it's an art in their own way. What do you think?

Cut off head here but I liked the flow of how I swaggered my skirt.

So here's a few up close & personal. I liked how it picked up the red tones on my lips. It brings the picture to life a little doesn't it?

Just a random "looking away" :-P

My sad face, b/c the batter was running low. I didn't have a charger since it wasn't my camera so boo-hoo.

Fruits never looked so nice :) until here lol

Here's my baby Nala =D. She's a 5 yr. old mix pitbull. I know that pits have a bad reputation but they're very sweet and smart. When I get the chance, I'll show you how smart she is with the tricks she pulls off and learns quickly. So the accents in this photo had to be red as well since it was the theme of the shoot lol.

Well I hope you enjoyed my shoots. I hope I didn't bore you at all.

Grandma's Sweater

Hello again,

So as you can see, I've gained what I call the "holiday weight" lol or it could just be because I'm in complete denial that I gained a few pounds. So much for the losing weight I talked about in my previous blogs before haha.

So here is not the most decent picture, but I wanted to show you guys my grandma's sweater she gave me. It's vintage I guess since it was hers for ages :-P. It was a bit big so I wore a tiny belt which you can barely see because she was hugging me.

[old navy boots: $8, H&M black tights: $6]

Here is a close-up as I experimented with the faux-hawk look this one day. I know I have a five finger fore-head like Tyra Banks or even bigger but at least I'm not ashamed to show it right? Hahaha kidding kidding but I really do don't I? It's ok I've learned to accept it lol.

The end of the day look at home. My cheeks grew big didn't it? :( My weight usually fluctuates and it's better maintained or stable when I'm in school for some reason. Perhaps b/c of the stress that studying puts me through lol and/or the many walks I go through on a daily walking and/or running (depending if I'm tardy) to my classes.

Inspired Hair Do

Hello world,

Sorry I have not been blogging since November. What a shame right?! It was just due to the fact that I was so busy with school and so many things to do for the Holidays, I haven't found decent time. Now that I'm on break, I will surely take the advantage of blogging as much as I can. I will catch up with your blogs I promise, so I'll be paying a visit to your blogs soon :)! So how about it?! I haven't ignored you guys, PROMISE!

So for this blog I wanted to show you my inspired look from LC. I am a huge fan of The Hills and I just love everything in it; from the drama to the styles! I was a bit inspired one day to get Lauren's hair do and the very subtle and almost natural make up she had on. So here's the the hair and make up I tried to copy.

Original look of Lauren:

My inspired look from her:

So what do you think? Yay or Nay? My hair is still a bit short, but getting there. Although I don't have the perfect smile just yet, I do plan on getting braces hopefully by February since it's been postponed due to school schedules for fall. So please don't tease me for my smile.

So now that The Hills season is over, I'm pretty much getting hooked on The City. I have yet to discover Olivia. She's a doll and a beauty I must say, but I'm still figuring her out if she's a sincere friend to Whitney. Okay I'll stop here and stop with the gossip lol.

Thanks for visiting me even if it's been so long.