Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hello world,
So once in a while, like I mentioned before, I'll put some old oldie but goodie :-)! Hehe. I don't know if you feel me when I say this, but don't we all go through phases of style? I know I sure did and it either depended on the season...mood...or the situation. So fashion is like a roller coaster ride haha. I gave you a peek of the short hair I had before and it was symbolic to me. It gave me a sense of freedom, like in a way cutting my long hair before made me shed off some "old skin" or rather it helped me gain back my pride in who I was. I guess in a corny way it helped me bring "my sexy back" lol. With that said, I don't want to get emo on you guys haha but I'll be sure to post some of my short hair-do's and old outfits of my past.

For now, I just wanted to share this one jumper I wore on a beautiful day here not that each day is not a beautiful day, it's just that the bay area is always either foggy or cold :P. It's not the most unique...sort of plain but I enjoyed wearing it for that day lol. You could kind of guess where I was hittin' up some shopping that day hahaha.

grey top-$5.99 Ross, Black Jumper-F21 $18, Black bag-$19, Black booties-$9

So look what I find inside Marshalls:

A human sized Hershey bar lol! YIKES! I think it was like $30. Imagine eating that thing haha umm no thanks right. 5lbs of chocolate is wowage...I wonder how that settles in your tummy. Plus I wouldn't buy any edibles at stores with discounts...I mean if food is discounted...the only thing that would come to my mind is either 1. its old or 2. it's on sale for a reason haha.

So from left to right: Moi, my BFF/seester, & my Illo sis.

I love these girls...I didn't disclose to them that I'd include them publically on my blog, but hopefully they won't mind haha. I know hunchback me right? Eh I just need work on my posture.

Okay, I know I mentioned that I was getting a hair cut...and I did. I'll post my new do soon. Not so much of like a drastic change but a little more umph for my hair now :).

Okay ladies & gents. Tata. Ciao! Cheers! Lol no biyees because like Arnold "I'll be bak"

God bless folks.

God is good, all the time!


naboonies said...

Hi there! Great blog you have here. You sisters look a like!

I read your recent comment at Citrus Coffee about the anatomy thingy.I can't help but ask are you a medical student? :)

yiqin; said...

The jumper looks so good on you! I love how you wore it wit a cardigan!

noelle chantal said...

i want that HUGE HERSHEY'S! :) and oh sweet sister's photo ha!

tokyostargirl said...

How funny, you are standing in front of Marshalls wearing something from Ross! =) Love the jumper - too bad I could never pull it off!

♥ fashion chalet said...

We will both mourn our loss of bag(s) =[

Great cardigan / and thank you for your comment on my hair, love!!


S said...

I can't beleive that chocolate bar is real!!


*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I love your new banner!!! You guys look so pretty!!!

Wow that's a HUGE hershey bar! I never knew they made the big ones out of pure choc! If I ever attempted to finish one of those... I bet I would NOT want to look at chocolates for the rest of my life! heehee

YES.. I am from the Philippines! Are you partly Pinoy??

M* said...



STARR said...

The jumper is so cute! that chocolate looks great too lol

it's Fashion Fever said...

hey Naboonies I have a hard time going to your blog :( but I actually am going to school and majoring for nursing :). Thanks for the comment. Those aren't my real sisters but they are like sisters to me.

naboonies said...

Ah that explains it. Well I'm a final year medical student. Great to have somebody in the health care industry with passion for fashion HAHA!

Yes, my blog is a bit wonky these few days. Another blogger also comments the same. Did you only see light blue background , no text nor pictures?

♥ fashion chalet said...

thank you, gorgeous =]


Couture Carrie said...

Your jumper is perfection! You and your sisters look fab!


Athena. said...

nice outfit!
ohh hersheys!
we dont have that here, so JEALOUS :o

PrincessImp. said...

the three of you look so sweet together!

clairegrenade said...

OH i could live in marshalls, i really could

i love that necklace!!
nah, scratch that i adore the entire outfit :]]

The Vogue Society said...

That outfit is cute! love the jumper

Anonymous said...

you have some gorgeous looks!!

Anonymous said...

but you know the photo is a picture perfect!!


OMG that hersheys looks revolting! haha